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Lord Jaguar (ジャガー・バッタ男爵 Jagā Batta Danshoku, "Baron Jager Batta") is the long-time rival of Mr. Satan. He makes his debut in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, with a devious plan for revenge. In this movie, Lord Jaguar is portrayed as an unintelligent billionaire.



Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly


Jaguar after the birth of the first Bio-Warriors made by his scientists

Lord Jaguar has vast wealth, which he uses in order to have a team of geneticists to clone Broly. He ultimately plans to have the clone help him claim world domination as well as expose Mr. Satan as being a fraud (it is implied that his primary reason as to why he wants to expose Mr. Satan as a fraud is because of a grudge towards him in regards to a fight against Mr. Satan in High School that he lost).


Lord Jaguar in his castle

Jaguar invites Mr. Satan (through his cousin, Men-Men) to come to his castle to fight his Bio-Warriors, and also blackmails him into participating by threatening to publish a story about his wetting his bed during summer camp to the papers if he refuses. Ultimately, he discovers the hard way that the Legendary Super Saiyan is not so easily tamed; at one point, he orders Bio-Broly to stop attacking Trunks only to be attacked himself. As the culture fluid consumes his facility, when Trunks offers to rescue him, Jaguar thinks twice before accepting, believing he deserves to die for his actions. In the end, he is saved by Trunks, while expressing remorse at the consequences of his greedy ambitions.

Video game appearancesEdit


Lord Jaguar in Shin Butōden

Lord Jaguar appears in the cutscenes of the Mr. Satan Mode in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butōden.

Voice actorsEdit


  • He has mispronounced two words, saying "spray" instead of "play" and "vitamins" instead of "victims".
  • Jaguar slightly resembles Vodka, the greedy gangster Goku encounters while searching for the Dragon Balls during the Cell Games Saga.
  • He may have a somewhat lecherous attitude towards women, as he acts rather pervertedly toward Android 18 when she and Mr. Satan arrive at his island (with #18 responding by slapping Jaguar into a wall).
  • The pronunciation of Lord Jaguar's Japanese name, Baron Jager Batta, seems to be a pun of jaga batta (じゃがバター), meaning "buttered potato", and danshaku-imo (男爵芋), the Irish cobbler potato, as well as the word danshoku (男爵), meaning "baron". Additionally, Mei Queen Castle is named after the May Queen potato.


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