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Slug's Demon Clan is a group of demonic fighters led by the Super Namek Lord Slug.


Slug's minor soldiers

Lord Slug's soldiers confront the people of Earth

Lord Slug began traveling across outer space after he matured on Planet Slug (in the FUNimation dub, he was exiled from Planet Namek), organizing an army to assist in the conquering of further planets. His forces make their debut in the film Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, where they visit Earth, attempting to transform it into a pseudo-spacecraft (known as a Planet Cruiser) by freezing its atmosphere and using it as transportation.

Slug Regaining his youth

Lord Slug with his top henchmen

The henchmen who work closest with Lord Slug are Angila, Wings, and Medamatcha. Countless other soldiers who appear to be of the same race as one member of Dodoria's Elite also serve as grunts in Slug's army; however, these soldiers have a relatively low power level, as Chi-Chi demonstrates by beating two of them to protect Gohan.


Lord Slug's soldiers removing their helmets

Aside from Gyoshu, Commander Zeeun, Kakuja and a number of grunts who Slug himself kills at various points of the film, Lord Slug's henchmen are slain by Piccolo and Goku. Wings is killed by an Energy Wave to the face, Medamatcha is punched to death and Angila swallows a deflected Mouth Energy Wave. In the final battle with the Super Namek, Goku kills Slug with a Spirit Bomb.

Members of Lord Slug's Demon Clan also appear in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.



Slug's clan in a promotional art for Dragon Ball Heroes

Video games


Lord Slug's clan in Dragon Ball Heroes

Lord Slug, Commander Zeeun, Angila, Wings, and Medamatcha are playable characters in the Japanese only arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. In the fourth promotional movie for Dragon Ball Heroes, Lord Slug and his clan (without Zeeun) are shown attacking a planet inhabited with mushroom-like creatures. Some low-class grunts together with Wings attacked the population, only to be stopped by Froze. While Medamatcha is defeated by the Saiyan Hero Beat, Lord Slug himself is stopped by Super Saiyan Goku.


  • Lord Slug's footsoldiers look similar to one of the Frieza Soldiers, as well as to one member of Dodoria's Elite. Also, Pui Pui and Babidi's Majin Soldiers wear uniforms very similar to that of Lord Slug's minions.
  • Gyoshu and Kakuja are the only members of Lord Slug's clan that do not appear in Dragon Ball Heroes or any other video games. This is most likely due to the fact that they aren't fighters.


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