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Lullus is a female Majin who appears in Dragon Ball Fusions. She works as a bodyguard and backup dancer for the Demon Realm idol Pipila and part of the Majin Superstar Troupe PePiLu together with Pipila and Petrona.



As Pipila's bodyguard, Lullus is very protective of her to the point she will accosts people simply for staring at her and is quick to accuse people of staring at her as she does when she, Petrona, and Pipila encounter Tekka's Team at Fortuneteller Baba's Palace in Area F4 of the Timespace Rift


"And I'm the Demon Realm's number one dancer and Pipila's bodyguard, Lullus!"
— Lullus introducing herself

Lullus is a Majin from Demon Realm who works with Pipila and Petrona. She is apparently Demon Realm's number one dancer in addition to being Pipila's bodyguard.

In Sub-Event: "Majin Superstar", she suspects Kid Trunks of looking at Pipila with a lecherous eye and is backed up by her teammates Pipila and Petrona. This leads to a fight with Tekka's Team. After defeating all three at the same time, Kid Trunks reveals he wasn't staring as he had never even heard of them causing the three of them to give a dramatic introduction. After completing this sub-event Lullus, Pipila, and Petrona become scoutable and can be recruited by Tekka's Team by KOing them with a Zenkai Attack.