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Magic Touch (人参化; Ninjinka; lit. "Carrot Transformation") is a technique used by Monster Carrot to transform people into carrots.


Monster Carrot accomplishes this simply by touching his victim, which can be reversed by clapping his hands together. He uses his Magic Touch on Bulma, during the Emperor Pilaf Saga, at the remote village in Diablo Desert. Goku eventually forces Monster Carrot to reverse the spell, and Monster Carrot does so by clapping his hands.

Appearances in games


Magic Touch in Dokkan Battle

The technique appears in the Nintendo DS games Dragon Ball: Origins and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. In Attack of the Saiyans, a capsule-item called Carrot Glove is obtained after defeating Monster Carrot; this item has the ability to turn all enemies into carrots after they are defeated. The carrots can then be exchanged with a man in West City for other items. It also appears as the special attack of Monster Carrot in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.