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The Magical Girl transformation is a transformation ability utilized by the Kamikaze Fireballs.


Upon shouting "Formation!" the Kamikaze Fireball members completely transform their body, becoming far different in appearance from their base states and much more powerful. All of their skin coloration turn bluish by this transformation. The transformation is shown to be impractically long, as Android 17 is able to easily interrupt them; they only manage to finish due to Goku's curiosity and Toppo's sense of fairplay and justice.

Brianne uses this transformation to become Ribrianne in order to take down two people who believe she is too weak to join Team Universe 2, and later when deciding to get serious for the Tournament of Power. During the Tournament of Power, Su uses this transformation to become Rozie, and Sanka uses it to become Kakunsa.

Super Magical Girl transformation

By gathering the power of love from Heles, Rozie and Sanka, Ribrianne is able to transform further into Super Ribrianne.



  • This transformation is a parody of the Magical girl (魔法 少女 mahō shōjo, also known as mahou shoujo or majokko) subgenre of manga and anime which includes series such as Sailor Moon and Cutie Honey. The magical girl transformation is a standard trope of the subgenre, though the version seen in Dragon Ball Super is a parody as most magical girl transformations in anime and manga involve the girls changing into cute, more elegant, or even more revealing costumes, while the Kamikaze Fireballs' transformations do the opposite for humorous effect.