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This article is about the race of Majins. For the people under control of Babidi's magic, see List of Majins.

Majin (魔人, Majin) is a race born in Age 791. They make their debut in the MMORPG game "Dragon Ball Online".


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Majin Boo with some of his children in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The first member of this race is Mister Buu, who in Age 790, decided to create his own family after reading the novel “Bob and Margaret’s Forbidden Games”, a classic of erotic fiction. Due to its influence, he creates his ideal, female Buu by splitting himself. In Age 791, Buu and his wife remember the term “booby-booby” from reading the novel. They tear off many pieces from various parts of their body and mix them together in “booby-booby”. By firing a Love-Love Beam, they birth life into the dumpling-shaped pieces. From that moment on, Buu’s descendants were recognized world-wide as the "Majin" race on Earth.

Majins run the theme park called "Booby World", which was created by Mister Bii in honor of Majin Buu. The park is divided into "Tasty Zone" and "Fun Zone". The majority of the staff consists of Majins. Booby World’s owner is the millionaire Mister Bii-- the blind boy who Majin Buu healed in the past. To keep himself from forgetting his gratitude towards Buu for restoring his eyesight, he gave himself the name “Bii” and worked hard to amass a large fortune. Although Bii desired to express his gratitude to Buu, he was a big star who was always busy at the Tenkaichi Budokai, so he never got the opportunity. Mr. Satan's death and the onslaught of the Freeza's remnant soldiers left the people in desolate spirits. Mister Bii, who wanted to restore smiles to the people’s faces, planned the construction of a gigantic theme park. Just as he had received help from Buu in the past, he believed that it was his time to return the favor to everyone and leaves Mini-star Buu in charge of the production of the theme park. This was done in hopes that the Majin race's power to bring people joy would manifest once again. Booby World's construction begins; the park is divided into the “Tasty Zone” and “Fun Zone”. Many Majin are hired as employees and work on honing their skills. Among them, those who exhibit significant skills are known as “Dai-Majin”.

In Age 1000, the Majins play significant role, and various classes of Majin can be chosen as playable characters in Dragon Ball Online.

"Your fighting style is remarkably close to that of a demon... Could you be one of those legendary creatures, in the flesh? I have heard about all the planets you've destroyed- you are evil incarnate! I never thought I would ever meet a Majin!"
Lord Slug in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

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A female Majin in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

In the Xenoverse series, both male and female Majins are shown to be members of the Time Patrol with several living in Toki Toki City in Age 850 and Conton City in Age 852. Interestingly, some of the Majin Time Patrollers do not seem to be fully aware of their race's history such as the creation of Miss Buu and development of the Love-Love Beam. In Xenoverse 2, Lord Slug is shown to be aware of the existence of Majin and their demonic nature having heard about all the planets destroyed by Majin Buu due to his association with various demons while leading his Demon clan indicating that Majin Buu is well-known among the universe's demonic races. Cooler is also shown to be aware of the existence of Majin Buu as he had been warned about them by his father King Cold like he had with Cooler's brother, Frieza. Several comments made by various characters in the Xenoverse series implies that there my have been other Majin besides Kid Buu may have existed in the past or that there is a misconception that Majin Buu was part of a larger race possibly the result of the original Majin Buu existing in various incarnations in the past due to his absorption ability and the fact Kid Buu has existed since time immemorial.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Majins are classified as part of one Offworlder races along with Shinjin, Demons, and Devils. Tekka can be customized to be a Majin of a unknown origin if Offworlder is selected as their race at the beginning of the game and certain hair options are selected. If another race is chosen, Tekka can later use the Dragon Balls to make a wish to change their race into to an Majin Offworlder of either gender. Tekka can also encounter various Majins inside the Timespace Rift. The origins of some of these Majins is unclear due to the nature of the Timespace Rift as a world where different timelines intersect. As a result Majin from various timelines are shown such as Ratopa, a Majin once served as a Supreme Kai. The game also introduces Majin-based EX-Fusions such as Majin Satan and Janenbu.

The Majin race

Body manipulation

Elder Majin

An elder Majin in Dragon Ball Online

One of the most interesting aspects about the Majin race is their amorphous, shape-changing bodies that allow them to easily mold their flesh, allowing them to effectively dodge attacks and also extend and enlarge their limbs. In Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 although Majins lack hair they are shown to sport their antenna and the body tissue on their head in ways resembling hairstyles. The ability to absorb appears to be unique to Majin Buu, as no other Majin has ever displayed this trait, additionally, unlike the original Majin Buu, the members of the Majin race are not immortal and can age. In the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, Majins are shown to be capable of regeneration allowing them to reform if they blow themselves to pieces.

Skin color

Traditionally, the Majin race has the standard color (pink) but as the years go by, Majins appear with other skin colors. In Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2, during character creation, Majin can be various colors such as red, yellow, green and blue. Some Time Breaker Majin are a similar color to Evil Buu. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Majin Buu's fission produced offspring can have either pink, blue or Yellow skin and their skin color can change if the Future Warrior gives one food five times (the Future Warrior can halt the process by telling them to Calm Down when they start to change color).

Gender difference


A male and female Majin

Dragon Ball Online is the first media to show female Majins. Male Majins are fat while female have a slender type of body. Unlike Majin Buu, the Majins also have more than one antennae and their numbers depend on the gender.

While the majority of male Majin are fat like their progenitor Mr. Buu, several skinny male Majin have appeared in Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball Fusions.

In Dragon Ball Super, it is shown by Good Buu that the bodies of male Majin can slim down if they train strenuously enough, indicating that their fat bodies may be the result of their love of eating. Losing weight also increases a male Majin's power level and gain a physique similar to Super Buu. However due to their love of food it is implied it can be hard for male Majin to slim down through strenuous training and exercise as shown by the Majin Time Patroller Dekeit in Xenoverse 2 who ends up cheating on his diet by eating 30 cakes and as a result is unable to slim down despite his daily jogging routine.

Good Super Buu

Good Buu in his slimmed down state

It is also shown that while female Majin can have issues with their body image despite being slimmer than their male counterparts, as shown by Majin Time Patroller Kunel who becomes fixated on losing weight after overhearing an insensitive perverted comment about her appearance from Elder Kai and decides to go on a diet as a result though eventually decides to take advantage of her body manipulation abilities instead to deal with her body image issues, though is displeased with the results. However she eventually she grows tired of worrying about her appearance and dieting, deciding to quit dieting after coming to the realization she is okay with her body and comes to consider her nice and soft pillowy marshmallow body is adorable and one of her most charming features.


The Majin race has two basic forms of reproduction, both of which are demonstrated by Mr. Buu. The first method is Fission where a single Majin splits into two different copies of itself (this should not be confused with Cloning as the new entity is quite different from the original). Majin Buu has used fission twice, the first time was to remove the evil from his heart resulting in the birth of Evil Buu who would absorb Majin Buu to become Super Buu before reverting to his original Pure Majin form, Kid Buu. The second time was a result of Good Buu's desire of female companionship after read Bob & Margaret one of Mr. Satan's adult books. After obtaining ideas about female mates, Buu split into the male Majin Mr. Buu and the first female Majin, Miss Buu. It would seem that in Miss Buu's case it is possible for the one who initiates the fission has some control over the being created as Good Buu was able to create a female Majin using ideas obtained from Bob & Margaret. However this form of Majin reproduction is rare and only two Majins are known to been born by this method, Evil Buu & Miss Buu and was the Majin's only method of reproduction until the creation of Miss Buu. It was only after Miss Buu's creation that the second method developed. The couple longing for a child like Human couples, they read Bob & Margaret again to work that out and developed the process that would become the Majins main means of reproduction. They tore many pieces from various parts of their bodies, mixed them together, and birthed life into the dumpling-shaped pieces by firing their Love-Love Beam at it. This resulted in the birth of their first child, Baby Buu. It is implied they did this several more times after Baby Buu's birth ultimately resulting in establishment of the Majin as a race. Presumably this became the main form of reproduction among the Majin.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, a Time Rift anomaly forms around Majin's Buu rebuilt house during the time period in which Majin Buu starts reading Bob & Margaret. Majin Buu gets lonely and inspired by Mr. Satan's relationship with his daughter Videl, decides to create children of his own using fission, but must eat a lot of food in order to have enough energy to perform it. If the Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) feeds Majin Buu enough food, then he can use fission to create a new child. Normally Majin Buu is limited to creating up to 6 offspring, however if the Future Warrior is a Majin then his limit increases to 10 offspring.



Maida, an example of a skinny male Majin

Due to their Candy Beam technique, Buu's Majin subspecies's diet consists mainly of candy and other sweets like cookies, ice cream, and pudding. As they can turn anything or anyone into candy/food using the technique, some members of their race (Majin Buu and Super Buu) have been known to turn other beings into different kinds of candy/food. Evil Buu is the only Majin known to have eaten another Majin turned into candy, after Good Buu's attempt to defeat Evil Buu with Candy Beam backfired turning Good Buu into candy which Evil Buu ate causing him to transform into Super Buu, an act which can viewed as a form of cannibalism (eating one's own kind). Due to the amorphous bodies Majin can eat large amounts of food/candy and have appetites that can rival the Saiyans. Some members have been shown to be quite selfish when it comes to food as Majin Buu refused to let God of Destruction Beerus have even a single pudding cup out of the large number of pudding cups Majin Buu had. A Majin's love of food/candy borders on gluttony, Super Buu became horrified at the prospect of spending an eternity trapped in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber without sweets, resulting him becoming so angry that he rips through the dimensional wall separating the two dimensions allowing him to escape, and celebrates his freedom by systematically turning everyone on Kami's Lookout into food and consuming them.

Majins do seem to be capable of eating and even enjoying types of food other than sweets as seen in Son Goku and His Friends Return, when Mr. Buu is seen eating regular food with Kibito Kai and Mr. Satan. Mr. Buu is also depicted eating regular food at Bulma's Birthday Party in Dragon Ball Super, indicating that Majin's are omnivorous.

However it has been shown that they can be generous with their ability to create food, as the Candy Beam can be used to create food for others leading many a Majin to take up the culinary arts and the role of chef/cook as a career option. In Dragon Ball Online, Mighty Majins can choose the secondary career option Grand Chef Majin.

In Xenoverse 2, Good Buu and his fission produced offspring are shown to be able to eat a variety of food & drinks such as fish (including fish bones and scales), mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, water, and Milk in addition to their traditional diet of sweets. Inside time rift anomaly that forms around Majin Buu's House, Majin Buu must be fed a certain amount of food in order to fill his fullness meter and gives him energy to perform Fission. Once he has reached maximum fullness, he will have enough energy to perform allowing him to create miniature Majin offspring. He can do this up to 6 times (if the Warrior is not a Majin) or 10 times if the Future Warrior is a Majin. The Warrior can also give food to Buu's children in exchange for them bring the Warrior a gift when they return from their walk. If the Warrior gives the same child food five times, the child will change color, allowing them to receive different types of items (the type of item is determined by the Majin's color). It is unclear if this skin color changing from eating applies to all of Buu's Majin offspring (both fission and those produced by Love-Love Beam reproduction) or just the one's produced by Good Buu's fission. Interestingly, one of the items the Majins are capable of consuming are poisonous mushrooms which they can consume without suffering or dying from food poisoning. It is implied that all Majin are able to consume Poisonous Mushrooms with no ill effects, according to conversions the Warrior can over hear in Conton City. Presumably Majins either have an extremely strong digestive system capable of filtering out poisonous substances they consume or possess a immunity (or at the least a higher tolerance) to the toxin found within said mushrooms (Majins are not completely immune to all poisons as they can be poisoned by certain attacks in both Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2). They are also shown to be susceptible to the Secret Poison used by Frost.


Majin Buu is said to possess an odd ki signature that makes it hard to tell how strong Buu really is. Majins seem to be able to manipulate ki naturally, though it is unclear if they are able to sense ki naturally as Innocent Buu was incapable of sensing ki, while Super Buu and Kid Buu could (it is possible that Super Buu and Kid Buu learned how to do so or Kid Buu originally possessed regained the ability to Sense ki and Super Buu simply regained it as a result of Evil Buu absorbed Good Buu). Majins can also multiply their ki via the Kaio-ken technique.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Majin avatars can use Godly ki via the God Class-up.


Generally Majins are fun loving race who love to eat due to their larger appetites. Though originally a peaceful race, following the death of Mani Mani (who died while protecting his fellow Majin during an attack on Earth by remnants the Galactic Frieza Army) in Age 834, many Majins were inspired to become fighters and began studying the Martial Arts.

Due to their strange powers and abilities, Majins are often viewed by members of other races to be odd or strange, though some find them interesting due to their power and unusual abilities.

Due to their love of fun and making people happy, some Majins enjoy working as entertainers as many are employed at the Boo World theme park in Dragon Ball Online. Even Majins in Conton City such as Gaccho and Wabara are known to enjoy entertaining their fellow Time Patrols with Gaccho and Wabara's Magical Majin History Quizzes in Xenoverse 2. In Dragon Ball Fusions, the female Majin Lullus works as a dancer.


Generally Majins wear a type of clothing known as Buu-gi. Buu-gi are clothes that are elastic and specifically designed to be worn by Majins and resemble clothes worn by Kid Buu, Super Buu, Majin Buu, Battle Armor, Yardrat, and Metamorans. Buu-gi will also conform to a Majin's gender and body type. It is implied that Majin generally prefer clothing that looks cool (with features such as scarfs or capes), fun (such as the Jester-like Fun Suit), and/or fashionable.

Originally, Kid Buu wore only bracers, shoes, and signature pants with a Majin M on his belt buckle. After absorbing Grand Supreme Kai, in addition to his signature pants and belt Majin Buu obtained a vest, cape, yellow boots, and yellow gloves. Evil Buu also wore similar attire though his cape was a different color. After Evil Buu became Super Buu, his outfit changed back to the one originally worn by Kid Buu. With each absorption, Super Buu usually gained an article of clothing such as Gotenks' Metamoran vest, Piccolo's weighted training cape, and the upper body portion of Ultimate Gohan's Gi, which he later removed after absorbing Vegito.

It should be noted that Majin are capable of removing their clothing, as Innocent Buu has been known to remove his clothes in order to take a bath and Super Buu's aforementioned removal of Gohan's shirt. Interestingly, Majins are apparently capable of regenerating their clothing as well as their bodies even if they are blown to pieces, which was shown various times by Majin Buu's various incarnations. Also unlike most races, clothing worn by Majin hardly ever show any major battle damage. In Xenoverse, this extends not only to Majin Buu's Clothes and Buu-gi, but to all types of clothing such as Battle Suits and Turtle Hermit Uniforms as all clothing regenerate with it wearer following a Majin's use of the Ill Bomber technique to blow themself into pieces. Additionally, all clothing worn by Majin will stretch along with its user when stretching parts of their body (however this may be simply be a game mechanic as this stretching attribute also applies to Namekian characters). It is likely that due to their magical powers, any clothing worn by Majins that was not specifically designed for them (such as Battle Armor, Time Patroller Suit, and Turtle Hermit Uniforms) may be altered magically, allowing it to regenerate and stretch along with its wearer.

Like most humanoid females (such as Humans and Saiyans), female Majin wear garments to cover chest and/or to support their bust (in Xenoverse female Majin wear a red strapless bra as an irremovable undergarment which can seen when they are either not wearing any upper body clothing or wearing upper body clothing that would expose all or part of their chest if the undergarment was not present such as Broly's Clothes or Uub's Clothes).

While most Majin typically wear Buu-gi, some are known to prefer other types of clothing. The female Majin Time Patroller Taino prefers to wear Ginyu Force style battle armor as she is a big fan of the Ginyu Force. Haru Haru & Shun Shun wear Time Breaker Battle Armor as they are high-ranking members of the Time Breakers. When a Majin transforms into their Pure Majin state, they will wear clothing identical to that worn by Kid Buu, though their they will revert back to the clothing they where wearing before they transformed after reverting back to their base form.

In Xenoverse 2, Majin Time Patrol recruits are issued Buu-gi called the Time Patrol Gi which features the Time Patrol logo and is the official uniform for Majin recruits. There are two different versions of the Time Patrol Gi that are issued based on the Majin's gender.

Classes and forms


Two starting careers are available to the Majin race in Dragon Ball Online: Mighty Majin (the physical fighting class) and Wonder Majin (the spiritual class). Once reaching the required level of skill, a Mighty Majin may choose to take on one of two secondary careers Ultimate Majin or Grand Chef Majin, while a Wonder Majin may choose to take on Karma Majin or Plasma Majin.

Pure Majin

Main article: Pure Majin

Majin 3²

A Majin in his Pure Form in Dragon Ball Online

In Dragon Ball Online, when members of the Majin race manage to summon Shenron, they can wish for a unique transformation labelled as Pure Form. This form resembles Kid Buu, who is Majin Buu's Pure Form. When a member of the Majin race takes on his Pure Form, their dormant power is released. Upon transforming, a child Majin becomes taller, matching the original height of Kid Buu. When a grown Majin transforms, they become smaller, also matching the original height of Kid Buu.


Comparison between a child Majin and her Pure Form height

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, a Majin Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) can access this form via the Purification Awoken Skill. After helping Good Buu create three children by feeding him food, Majin Buu will sense the Warrior's dormant power, saying that he knows this power and it is the power he had long time ago. Although reluctant due to his negative opinion about its appearance, he decides to help Majin Future Warrior unlocking it. Majin Buu reveals that there is a risk that the Future Warrior may lose their good heart, causing them to essentially turn into another incarnation of Kid Buu. Supported by Goten and Trunks, the Warrior fights Majin Buu and eventually unlocks their Pure Majin form while fighting him. In their pure Majin form, the Warrior takes a form nearly identical to Kid Buu, only retains their voice and skin tone. The Warrior also gains access to Kid Buu's techniques and fighting style such as Mystic Ball Attack, Pearl Flash, Vanishing Ball, Quick Sleep, Maximum Charge, Super Vanishing Ball, Teleporting Vanishing Ball and Angry Shout.


Main articles: Class-up and Super Class-up By utilizing the class upgrades, the Majin avatars in Dragon Ball Heroes are capable of gaining different armors as part of their body that increase their power.

God Power

Main article: God Class-up

Img play 06 04

Majin avatars after using God Power

In Dragon Ball Heroes, the Majin avatars are capable of taking on a god state like all of the other avatars by unleashing "God Power". down by Gotenks, this form is much stronger and grants the Phantom Majin wings in order to allow flight.

Known Majin

Buu's Majin subspecies



Teapot Genie

The Teapot Genie from Dr. Slump

  • Majin Buu was partially based off the Dr. Slump villain "Teapot Genie" (茶ビン魔人; Chabin Majin), who along with resembling the fat version of Buu, was also incredibly powerful, and was referred to as a Majin.
  • Three of types of Majins, also not part of the Majin race created by Buu and not related to Babidi's Majins, appear in the RPG Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans: Gogyo Majin, Ensei Majin, and Spring Majin.
  • In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, if a Majin Future Warrior talks to Frieza while he is their Master, Frieza will mention that he is impressed at how powerful Majins are able to become without the need to transform.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, when first fought in the main story Zarbon will find a Majin Future Warrior appearance monstrous and repulsive regardless if they are male or female. However while training a Majin Future Warrior he will be jealous of the Majin's shiny and smooth skin.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, if a Majin Future Warrior takes on Dodoria as an Instructor, Dodoria will reveal he originally thought they where a member of Dodoria's race when he first saw them, but after looking at them more closely he realizes they are not.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, one of the Combatants inside Frieza's Spaceship will mention that he heard that the Majin Homeworld was destroyed along time ago, indicating that it is possible that Majin Buu or one of his various incarnations may have spawned other Majins in the past or more likely that Kid Buu had destroyed his planet of origin during one of his rampages in the past.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Lord Slug is shown to be aware of the existence of Majins and their demonic nature as he had heard stories about the planets destroyed by Majin Buu and refers to them as those legendary creatures, indicating that the Majin through Majin Buu's various incarnations have attained legendary status among Demon Clansmen. However Slug is unaware of what Majins look like as he does recognize them as a demon at first due to their harmless looking appearance, though later realizes the Majin Future Warrior's connection to the demonic creature of legend and welcomes them into his army, quite pleased to have such a creature as an underling.
  • In the English releases of Dragon Ball, anyone with the Demon mark is considered a Majin but in the Japanese releases, that is not the case.



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