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"Something's... attacking me! Inside!"
The Dark Prince Returns

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Majin's Awakening (魔人覚醒, Majin Kakusei, lit. "Awakening of a demon person") is a power up that Majin Vegeta received after Babidi took control of his mind. Vegeta throws his head back and screams, and a red aura surrounds his body as he powers up.


Majin Vegeta uses Majin's Awakening in Raging Blast

Majin's Awakening was named in in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where it appears as one of Majin Vegeta's Blast 1 techniques. While using this attack, Vegeta becomes angry and says "STAY OUT OF MY WAY!" while achieving MAX POWER mode, with Blast 2s and Ultimate Blast increased. The technique later returns in the Raging Blast series, however, unlike the previous game, Majin Vegeta does not go into MAX POWER mode upon using it. Instead, the properties of his attacks increase, which cause him to inflict more damage than usual with any attack he uses. In Battle of Z, the technique is called Risky Fight, where the attack takes away some of Majin Vegeta's health to restore his Ki.