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Majin Buu's house[1] (ブウのおうち) is a house built by Majin Buu on Earth after he killed Babidi. It is located west of Gingertown and east of Yahhoy.


The house is made out of humans that Buu turned into clay with his Chocolate Beam. Majin Buu built this house in a land that is a mixture of grass and dirt. In the house, there is a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, two bedrooms (one for Majin Buu and one for Mr. Satan), and a kennel for Bee.


Buu's dining room

Majin Buu's house is where Mr. Satan meets Majin Buu and attempts numerous times to kill him: through poison, explosives and even physical assault, all of which fail so miserably that Majin Buu does not even realize that they are attempts to kill him. Mr. Satan eventually gives up and begins performing maid services at Majin Buu's house, such as cooking and giving Majin Buu baths.

While he is living with Mr. Satan, Majin Buu finds a dog by the side of the road, brings it home and names it Bee. After Van Zant and Smitty used Rocket Launchers to blow up Majin Buu's house, Majin Buu rebuilds and shapes it like a dog.

Video Game Appearances

The area where is Majin Buu's house is a playable battle stage in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Butōden, with the house seen in the background. In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, the player can fly over it and, in some cases, visit it. Majin Buu's house also appears in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.



  1. "We are real close to Majin Buu's house out here." Smitty in "I Kill No More"

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