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Majin Ozotto (魔人オゾット Majin Ozotto) is a Majin that appears in the Sega System 32 arcade game Dragon Ball Z: V.R.V.S. in 1994. His nickname is the "Super Monster".


Ozotto appears as a tall horned demon with three red eyes. His body is a variety of colors: his skin being pink, his hips, chest, and shoulders being black, his scale-esque areas being blue, and his armored areas being dark pink. Both forms of Ozotto were designed by Akira Toriyama.

Notably, Ozotto bears quite a large resemblance to one of Cell's original designs, suggesting that he was based on Cell. He also displays elements similar to Frieza in his second form.


Ozotto appears as the final boss who is fought twice after a series of six battles: first in the form of the player character and then in his true form (though he will continue to shift between characters throughout the fight). After he is defeated, each Z Fighter will get their own ending after making a wish from the Dragon Balls. Ozotto has not appeared in any manga, anime or video game in the Dragon Ball universe and is exclusive to this arcade game only. However, the character was mentioned on the cover of one chapter of the manga, as an advertisement for the arcade game.

Ozotto was also meant to appear in Dragon Ball Z: The Legend, but was not implemented due to schedule constraints.[1]


At some point in the nine days before the Cell Games, Ozotto comes to Earth in order to fight the strongest warriors on the planet. The Z Fighters sense his presence and fight him: first above the ocean where he takes the form of the strongest among them, and then on the Green Planet, eventually defeating him.


Ozotto Goku spirit bomb

Ozotto in the form of Goku prepares a Spirit Bomb against Future Trunks


Super Majin Ozotto

Ozotto in his transformed state

It was revealed in the Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary “Super History Book” that Ozotto possesses a transformation. In his transformed state, he was much more rotund, possessed an eye on his stomach, and four hands instead of two.