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Maki is an orphan girl in the alternate timeline.


Maki is a little girl with black hair. She wears a pink, dirty dress along with a green hat given to her by Mai.


When Goku casually greets her, Maki becomes fearful to the point of running behind her brother (because of his resembling to Goku Black), she does warm up to them after Future Trunks entertains them by making faces.

Maki is shown to be very caring, consoling Future Mai after she becomes saddened of the fact that she couldn't rescue everyone from Goku Black's assault; she also displays concern for Trunk's well-being and cheers for him during the last battle against Fusion Zamasu.

She's also shown to be perceptive - while evacuating the area due to Trunks and Fused Zamasu's beam struggle, she immediately spots Trunks' broken blade and courageously runs towards it.


Dragon Ball Super

"Future" Trunks Saga"

Second future timeline

While Maki dies during Infinite Zamasu's attack, she still exists in the second future timeline created by Whis' alterations.


  • Maki, along with Haru, is named after "Harumaki", a Chinese food.
  • Like her brother, she doesn't have the word "Future" in front of her name (due to them not having any known counterpart in the present timeline).