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Mechikabura is an evil entity from the Demon Realm and the main antagonist of the Dark Empire Saga.



At some point Mechikabura died. He had some kind of animosity with the Supreme Kai of Time.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Dark Demon Realm Saga

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Demon God Demigra Saga

Main article: Demon God Demigra Saga As the Dark Demon Realm army prepare to listen to Towa, Mechikabura appears and they all quickly bow to him.

Dark Empire Saga

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Main article: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!


Mechikabura is revived

Mechikabura is revived by Towa using energy stolen from strong people, however his body is old and he cannot move well. Towa tells him to use the Dark Dragon Balls to wish for youth so that he can take revenge on Chronoa, however the Dragon Balls scatter. Mechikabura notices one of them as it heads away, crossing space-time. Towa decides to go and get it but Mechikabura tells her to wait, deciding to grant her Demon God powers first.


Mechikabura (in his prime) is described as the "strongest evil" from the Demon Realm. Even in his old age he still possess the capabilities to turn a member of the Demon Realm race into a Demon God.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Demon God power granting - Mechikabura possess the ability to grant someone the powers of a Demon God, used on Towa.


  • Mechikabura's name comes from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo song, specifically the lyrics: "mechicka boola".

Video game appearances


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