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"Unleashes a Ki Wave. If it misses, the character will move in front of the enemy and target them."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Skill description

Menacing Flare is a Energy Wave and Rush Attack used by Gohan during his fight with Vegeta during the Saiyan conflict.


The user fires an Energy Wave at the opponent and if it misses, the user will use Rapid Movement to deliver a flying kick to the opponent.

Originally used by Gohan in anger after ordering Vegeta to stop hurting his injured father. Vegeta managed to dodge the energy wave but was hit by technique follow up kick, catching the Saiyan prince of guard.

Video Game Appearances

DBXV2 Future Warrior 2 (1.05.00 Update) Menacing Flare (Charging Energy Wave)

Future Warrior charging the Menacing Flare Super Skill's energy wave in Xenoverse 2

Menacing Flare was named in Xenoverse 2 where it appears as a Super Skill after the 1.05.00 Update. It can be obtained by the Future Warrior (Xenoverse 2) by purchasing it from the TP Medal Shop (open Friday to Sunday) for 30 TP Medals. Despite being used by Kid Gohan in the manga and anime, it does not appear in any of Gohan's Skillsets. If the energy wave hits the opponent, the attack ends without the follow up kick.


  • The original skill description of this technique in Xenoverse 2 mistakenly states that the Energy Wave will move in front of the enemy and target them if the initial attack misses, when in reality it is actually the user of the skill who does so.
  • Menacing Flare is similar to Jumping Energy Wave, Sonic Bomb, and Wild Hunt as they all appear as Skills in Xenoverse 2 and can be obtained by the Future Warrior after the Version 1.05.00 Update (Sonic Bomb via a Parallel Quest in the Super Pack 2 DLC, while Menacing Flare and Jumping Energy Wave can be purchased at the TP Metal Shop after the update). All three attacks are based on techniques used by Gohan (Menacing Flare), Krillin (Jumping Energy Wave), Vegeta (Wild Hunt), and Frieza (Sonic Bomb) in both the manga and anime, yet do not appear in any skillsets for those characters.
    • However Wild Hunt does appear in SSGSS Vegeta's Battle Suit Skillset after the 1.07.00 Update along with Focus Flash which were not part of any of his skillsets before said update.