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Directory: TechniquesOffensive techniquesEnergy waves

Metal Breath (金属ブレス) is one of General Rilldo's most common attacks. He uses it throughout Dragon Ball GT in nearly all his appearances.


The attack involves Rilldo blowing a green energy-comprised breath that turns whatever it strikes into metal. Rilldo can make the beam spread to follow someone, as seen in the Super 17 Saga.


Rilldo using Metal Breath on Pan

Once he reaches his liquid metal form and after hitting things with the beam, he shows the ability to control those hit with the beam and manipulate them as if they were water, once throwing a tide of liquid metal at Goku.


Goku turned into metal by Rilldo's Metal Breath

General Rilldo first uses this move against Goku, Pan and Trunks. He successfully strikes Trunks and manages to hit Goku with the attack (unbeknownst to Rilldo, this is all part of Trunks' and Giru's plan). In the Super 17 Saga, Rilldo uses it to change Gohan's arm and leg into metal after he escaped from Hell, with Gohan unable to move his affected limbs. When he was defeated again and sent back to Hell, the effects on Gohan were lifted thanks to Giru.


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