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Mighty Powerful God Shockwave (豪力神撃波) is a technique used by Southern Supreme Kai.



The attack clashes with Kid Buu's Vanishing Beam

Southern Supreme Kai charges up a green Full Power Energy Ball in his hand, then rushes towards the opponent and fires it a point-blank range, inflicting massive damage. If the attack misses the target, the sphere will become a Homing Energy Blast.

Southern Supreme Kai used this technique on Kid Buu to counter the monster's Vanishing Beam. However, Kid Buu simply swallowed the attack.

Appearances in Video Games

Mighty Powerful God Shockwave was named in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it appears as Southern Supreme Kai's and Buu w/ Southern Supreme Kai absorbed Special Attack and it's light blue in color. It is called Exertion in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.