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Miniature Demons are a race of imp-like demons in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. They are fairly weak and bear a look like Garlic Junior in his base form with ears, horns, and a cape similar to Dabura's. They use a blue flame attack, similar to Dabura's Evil Flame attack. They are all weak against fire, ice and electric attacks.

The race appears in a few forms, each with the same abilities.

Demon Denizen

Demon Denizen

Demon Denizens are the first variety of demon to be seen. They are red, very weak and have few powers. The scouter gives them a power level of 65.

Demon Mystic

Demon Mystic

Demon Mystics are similar to Demon Denizens except they are slightly stronger and blue. The scouter gives them a power level of 202.

Demon Noble

Demon Noble

Demon Nobles are the same as both other miniature demons, only much more powerful, and yellow. The scouter gives them a power level of 888.

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