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This article is about the Saiyan hybrid from Dragon Ball Fusions. For the anime filler character, see Mint.

"A Saiyan who's 1/4 Offworlder and has trained in Other worlds. She's surprisingly polite for a Saiyan, but gets scary when she's mad."
Dragon Ball Fusions character Profile

Mint is a female Saiyan/Offworlder hybrid who appears in Dragon Ball Fusions.


DB Fusions Saiyan Offworlder Hybrid Mint (Character Profile)

Mint's character profile in Dragon Ball Fusions

Little is known about Mint's back history, though presumably like most fighters in the Timespace Tournament she comes from one of the various timelines connected to the Timespace Rift.

She can be encountered in the 3rd area of the Timespace Rift. After learning how to recruit more allies from Master Roshi, Tekka's team can recruit her by KO'ing her with a Zenkai Attack. After she is recruited, she will join Tekka's team (allowing her to be selected as a playable character) and will appear in the Team's Spaceship.


Being listed as a B-Rank fighter in Dragon Ball Fusions, Mint's power seems at least comparable to Zarbon and Dodoria.

Techniques & Special Abilities

  • Elegant Blaster - An energy wave technique invented by Zarbon which Mint uses as one of her Special Moves.
    • Super Elegant Blaster - A stronger version of Elegant Blaster which Mint can learn as one of her Special Moves.
      • Ultra Elegant Blaster - A stronger version of Elegant Blaster which is even stronger than Super Elegant Blaster.
  • Burning Spin - One of Nuova Shenron's techniques which Mint uses as one of her Special Moves.
  • Nekohameha - A variation of the Kamehameha used by Mint as one of her Special Moves.
    • Super Nekohameha A stronger version of Nekohameha which Mint can learn after completing Lv. 71.
  • Avenger - Stat boost when an ally falls. One of Mint's Skills.
  • Battle Maniac - Stat boosts with every attack. One of Mint's Skills.
  • EX-Fusion - By using a Metamo-Ring and performing the Fusion Dance Mint can perform EX-Fusion with Kiclee.



Main article: Minlee

DB Fusions EX-Fusion Character Minlee (Mint + Kiclee)

Minlee in Dragon Ball Fusions

Via EX-Fusion Mint can fuse with Kiclee to create Minlee.


  • As she is 1/4 Offworlder, it is strongly implied that Saiyans are capable of producing offspring with at least one of the Offworlder races (which in Dragon Ball Fusions acts as a collective of various Other Worldly races such as Core Person, Angels, Demons, and Majin).
    • As she is only 1/4 Offworlder, at least one of her parents was half-Saiyan while the other parent was pure Saiyan.

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