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"A melee combat queen who once dominated the Demon Realm. Many fear and admire her beauty and strength."
Dragon Ball Fusions character profile

Mirayo is a former queen of the Demon Realm and an Offworlder character in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Mirayo is a blue skinned female of the Demon Realm race who wears a black helmet resembling Chi-Chi's.


As a former Queen of Demon Realm, Mirayo maintains an arrogant and proud personality. Despite losing her status, she maintains that others should show her the proper respect, even insisting that Tekka bow in her presence.


In the past, Mirayo once ruled as Queen of the Demon Realm, but lost her title at some point before she was sucked into the Timespace Rift. Despite losing her title, she is still feared and admired for her beauty and strength.

After learning how to recruit more teammates from Master Roshi, Tekka's Team can encounter Mirayo as an enemy in several areas. They can recruit her by KO'ing Mirayo with a Zenkai Attack. After being recruited, Mirayo will appear on the team's Spaceship (allowing her to be selected as a playable character).


Given that she was once a Queen of Demon Realm, it is likely that Mirayo is quite powerful in her own right and despite losing her title she is still feared for her beauty and strength. Like Dabura, she is shown to capable of breathing fire and using Magic Materialization to summon weapons such as swords (or wooden swords in the English localization due to censorship). In addition to her magical abilities and swordsmanship, Mirayo takes advantage of her beauty to distract male opponents.


The EX-Fusion of Neryl and Mirayo is Mararyl, a Speed-specialist who is likely more powerful than Kid Buu.

Techniques & Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly by using ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy attack. In Dragon Ball Fusions, Mirayo is classified as a Speed Type which causes her basic ki blast to take the form of an Energy Wave. As a Speed Type, she is stronger against Power types, but weak against Technique Types.
  • Cutter Toss - Mirayo can toss the blade on her helmet as a projectile. One of Mirayo's Special Moves.
    • Hi-Speed Cutter Toss - A stronger version of Cutter Toss which Mirayo can use as one of her Special Moves.
  • Evil Fire - Mirayo can breath fire from her mouth. One of her Special Moves.
    • Evil Flame - A stronger version of Evil Fire originally used by Dabura that appears as one of Mirayo's Special Moves.
  • Magic Materialization - Mirayo can use this technique to magically create weapon out of thin air. This ability allows her to create swords for sword-based special moves.
    • Evil Sword Attack - A sword technique used by Mirayo as one of her Special Moves. Has a chance of inflicting Poison status on an opponent.
      • Nightmare Sword Attack - A stronger version of Evil Sword Attack used by Mirayo as one of her Special Moves.
DB Fusions Demon Queen Mirayo Sexy Smile (Special Move)

Mirayo perform Sexy Smile in Dragon Ball Fusions

  • Sexy Smile - Mirayo uses her feminine charms and makes a sexy smile that cancels male characters moves.
    • Super Sexy Smile - A stronger version of Sexy Smile which Mirayo can learn after reaching Lv. 55.


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