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Mizore (ミゾレ) is a character in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission who takes on the form of Fasha (セリパ, Seripa) when she is in the Dragon Ball Heroes World.


Haze Fasha (Mizore)

Mizore (Fasha) possessed by Haze Shenron

During the second tournament, Mizore (as Fasha) fought against the Android Berserker Genome, however she was defeated.

Later, after Haze Shenron was forced out of Rezok's body, he summoned Mizore to his location and took control of her. Froze managed to easily knock Haze Shenron's Dragon Ball out of her, and she, unconscious, was taken back to the regular world by Erito.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Flight – As Fasha, Mizore is capable of flight.
  • Hunting Arrow – Used by Mizore (Fasha) while possessed by Haze Shenron.



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