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"Stop it! Don't you realize this is against the rules? Fighting outside the arena is a serious infraction that will get you both kicked out of the tournament."
— Jackie Chun unto Goku and Giran

Monster Beast Giran (出たーっ!強敵ギラン, Detaa! Kyouteki Giran; lit. "He's Here! The Mighty Foe Giran") is the twenty-third episode of Dragon Ball and the tenth episode of the Tournament Saga.


While the World Martial Arts Tournament carries on, Goku finds out he is arranged to fight a creature known as Giran. While the two are on the ring, the match is postponed due to rainy weather. As a result, some of the world tournament contestants decide to go to a restaurant nearby. In the restaurant, Goku is eating with his friends and Giran is peacefully ordering his milk when he overhears the monks from the Orin Temple laughing at him, so he threatens them. Giran then tells the bar tender for more milk, and starts attacking the monks. Before the glass is filled, he has beaten all of them. Yamcha then stands up to Giran, for hurting them. After a small altercation between the two, Jackie Chun steps in and tells them to stop.

Merry-Go-Round Gum

Goku getting wrapped in Giran's Merry-Go-Round Gum

The next day, they start the match, but Goku is late. Ranfan, Krillin, Yamcha, Nam and Jackie Chun look for him. The World Tournament Announcer states that if Goku does not arrive in two minutes he will be disqualified. Ranfan finds Goku sleeping in a corner of the stadium. They wake him up, and he informs them that he had sat down and dozed off in the breeze. The announcer drags him to the ring before he is even fully awake. The audience is exasperated when they heard Goku was taking a nap, but Giran thinks that Goku was mocking him.


Giran surrenders

The fight begins with Giran threatening Goku, but he is not paying any attention. As they fight, Giran lands a powerful blow on Goku by a dirty trick. Everyone thought him to be knocked out but Goku get up and continues to fight. Goku throws Giran out of the ring and believes he has won, but Giran can fly and comes back in the ring and shoots Merry-Go-Round Gum around Goku, trapping him. He then throws Goku far away, but he calls the Flying Nimbus and lands back in the ring. The judges say that they would allow it, but he is forbidden use it again. As Giran is about to hit Goku again, his tail grows back, and he manages to stay in the ring. Goku breaks free from the purple rings and, after seeing Goku's enhanced strength after his tail grew back, Giran surrenders and Goku advances to the semifinals.


  • Giran vs. Orin Temple bullies
  • Giran vs. Yamcha
  • Goku vs. Giran



Character Japanese Voice Blue Water Voice FUNimation Voice
Goku Masako Nozawa Zoe Slusar Stephanie Nadolny
Master Roshi/Jackie Chun Kōhei Miyauchi Dean Galloway Mike McFarland
Krillin Mayumi Tanaka Dan Gascon Laurie Steele
Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Leda Davies Tiffany Vollmer
Yamcha Tōru Furuya Victor Atelevich Christopher R. Sabat
Ranfan Yoko Kawanami Unknown Laura Bailey
World Tournament Announcer Kenji Utsumi Unknown Eric Vale
Oolong Naoki Tatsuta Corby Proctor Brad Jackson
Puar Naoko Watanabe Kris Simms Monika Antonelli
Giran Banjō Ginga Unknown Andrew Chandler
Narrator Jōji Yanami Steve Olsen Brice Armstrong


  • The rainstorm at the beginning that postponed the match and had everyone wait at the restaurant is not in the manga, and is most likely included to help the episode reach a full run-time (it also helps add to Giran's intimidating character).


  • As mentioned by the World Tournament Announcer, Giran becomes the first fighter to ever surrender in the finals of the World Martial Arts Tournament when he forfeits his match against Goku.
  • Goku's tail is grown back for the first time. It was previously cut off by Puar in "The Legend of Goku".