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Mortal Level (人間 レベル, Ningen Reberu; Literally meaning "Human Level") is the level that the Zen-Oh and Future Zen-Oh use to rank the twelve universes. It is a measuring between the development of all the mortals existing in a universe and because of this it is important to note that a universe with higher level does not necessarily possess stronger fighters and vice versa, just a higher average. It is directly related to the effectiveness of the jobs of the Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction (allowing and promoting the creation and development of adequate civilizations and elimination of inadequate ones).


This measuring mechanic was introduced in Dragon Ball Super as a means used to rank the twelve universes from lowest to highest. In first place, all the universes with level lower than 7 were planned to be erased, but after the suggestion of Goku to perform the Tournament of Power, they would have a chance to avoid erasure if they win it. Mortal Level of 7 or higher universes would be exempt from entering the tournament. Universe 9 is stated to have the lowest Mortal Level, and Universe 1 is stated by Toei as having the highest.[1]

From higher to lower the Mortal Levels are ranked as:

Mortal Level of 7 or higher (Exempt from erasure)

Mortal Level lower than 7 (Planned for erasure)


  • The 4 Universes with the highest Mortal Levels are twin universes (1 and 12; 5 and 8).
  • The 4 Universes with the lowest Mortal Levels are twin universes (9 and 4; 6 and 7), but not in order.
  • The 4 Universes with intermediate Mortal Levels are twin universes (2 and 11; 3 and 10).