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Mouma (ムーマ) are giant worm-like creatures that infest Beehay.


Mouma attack

A Mouma attacks in "Lord Luud"

Mouma make their first appearance in "Lord Luud" when the Para Brothers lead Trunks, Pan, Goku and Giru into the tunnels of Beehay. The travelers from Earth soon lose track of the Para brothers, who escaped the asteroid and left their pursuers to be eaten by the Mouma. In short order, the Mouma attack the Earthlings' ship, forcing its crew to disembark and engage the creatures. While the Mouma prove resistant against energy attacks such as the Kamehameha, Goku is able to subdue one by grabbing its tail, thrashing it about and throwing it into the asteroid walls. Trunks and Pan pick up on this technique, and the three of them are able to rid the area of the Mouma threat, at least temporarily.



Later, when the Para brothers return and perform their signature dance that enslaves nearby listeners, the Mouma are also affected. Startled by the Mouma who had been drawn close, the brothers discontinue their dance and are immediately dispatched by the freed Goku, Trunks and Pan. Oddly, the Mouma are not seen in the aftermath.

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