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Mount Kiwi

Mount Kiwi, or Kiwi Volcano,[1] is an ancient, volcanic mountain located in the northwest part of the Southern Continent.[1]


In Age 716, Mount Kiwi erupted. With its eruption, the Fire-Eater died, leaving only an egg.

Goku and Chi-Chi came to Mount Kiwi in search of the legendary Fire-Eater, a huge cassowary bird whose feathers are said to be required in order to construct a new Bansho Fan.

The volcano later erupts when Goku destroys a drill vehicle owned by Emperor Pilaf, who came here trying to steal the Fire-Eater's egg.


Notable residents


Video games

Mount Kiwi appears in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, called "Kiwi Volcano". Enemies encountered here are Magman, Yorgan, Fire Caterpillar, Burning Mummy, Magmaras, and the boss is the Shu Machine.


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