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Mousse and Eclair's Children consists of nine kids which are the five sons and four daughters of Mousse and Eclair. All the children are named after dessert items.


Their names (from oldest to youngest) are Crepe, Cookie, Cocoa, Creampuff (his friends call him "Puff"), Jam, Jelly, Donuts, Pudding, and Cupcake. They are the largest and most diverse out of any human group of siblings in the series. The children were introduced to Goku by Mousse as they had Goku over for dinner. After dinner they all played with Goku and some were even shown trying to train like Goku. After Goku spent the night, the kids said goodbye to him as he left with their grandfather Korinto.


  • Sue, a little girl who looks similar to Cupcake, appears in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku. Coincidentally, Sue's mother looks similar to Cupcake's mother, Eclair.


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