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Murisarm (ムリサーム Murisāmu) is a warrior from Universe 10 and a member of Team Universe 10.


A humanoid with red skin, black hair, and is dressed like a Muay Thai fighter.


Dragon Ball Super

Universal Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga As the Tournament of Power began, Murisarm was first seen getting knocked away by Narirama's Survival Mode alongside Shosa and Methiop. Afterwards, he was knocked off the arena by Cabba alongside Nigrisshi. After all of his teammates were knocked out of the arena, Zeno and Future Zeno erased Murisarm alongside the rest of Universe 10 as he closed his eyes and accepted his fate.


Manga and Anime

In the anime he was no match for base Cabba, who effortlessly knocked him out of the arena with a single punch.

In the manga Murisarm attacks Android 17 with a punch, however 17 blocks it and proceeds to knock Murisarm out of the ring with a set of rapid punches and kicks.

Statements by authors and guidebooks

Murisarm has a battle style similar to that of Muay Thai fighter.[1]

Voice actors


  • Murisarm, Brianne de Chateau, Sanka Ku, Su Roas, Cabba, Dyspo, Methiop, Shosa, Hit, and Basil vs. Narirama (Anime only)
  • Murisarm and Nigrisshi vs. Cabba (Anime only)
  • Murisarm vs. Android 17 (Manga only)


  • Murisarm's name is a pun on Samarium.
  • Murisarm is the first fighter to be eliminated in the manga adaptation of the Tournament of Power, while it was Lilibeu in the anime version of the event.



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