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"Yeah! Dig it man! You should join us! You would love it. They worship us. And soon they're gonna be like that for good."
— Mustard in "Battle in Kami's Lookout"

Mustard, known as Tard (タード Tādo) in the original Japanese version, is a large, brawny muscled member of the Spice Boys, working for Garlic Jr. during the Garlic Jr. Saga.


Mustard is tall, brown, frog-faced humanoid alien who has long red hair and bull horns. He wears armor similar to the rest of his comrades.


Dragon Ball Z

Garlic Jr. Saga

Main article: Garlic Jr. Saga


Mustard attacking Krillin

After aiding Garlic Jr. and the rest of the Spice Boys to spread the Black Water Mist and capture Kami, he follows his comrades to Earth, where he helps take down the resistance near Kame House. Later, on at The Lookout, he fights Krillin and nearly kills him. Shortly after, Gohan destroys Salt.

Mustard becomes enraged at the loss of his ally and tries to attack Gohan, but gets pummeled by a kick from the young Saiyan and is left stunned. Gohan then proceeds to relentlessly kill him using a Masenko.


Mustard easily defeated Krillin however he was killed by a single Masenko from Gohan after he powered up from seeing Krillin hurt.

Mustard's power level is 450,000 in Dragon Ball Z: The Anime Adventure Game.

Techniques and special abilities

  • Mustard Salt Combined
    Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Telekinesis - During the scuffle with Gohan the Spice Boys were shown being able to restrict Gohan's movement with Telekinesis.
  • Combined Energy Ball – First, Salt and Mustard charge their own energy spheres, then they combine them into one unique energy sphere and fire it at the opponent. They attempt this attack against Gohan during the battles on Kami's Lookout. It also appears in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes, named Mustard Break (マスタードブレイク) for Mustard and Salt Break for Salt.
  • Energy Web – A red energy web used in combination with the other Spice Boys to trap opponents. Very similar to the Psycho Thread used by Bojack's henchmen.

Video games

He is a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, along with the other Spice Boys.

Voice actors


  • Mustard, Spice, Vinegar, Salt, and Garlic Jr. vs. Kami
  • Mustard, Spice, Vinegar, and Salt vs. Gohan
  • Mustard, Spice, Vinegar, Salt, Yamcha (Infected), Master Roshi (Infected), Chi-Chi (Infected) and Bulma (Infected) vs. Piccolo
  • Mustard vs. Krillin
  • Mustard and Salt vs. Gohan


  • A character resembling Mustard appears as a member of Frieza's army during Frieza's revenge in the Resurrection ‘F’ manga. However this appearance is little more than a cameo and has no significance on the story.


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