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Nam's village

Nam's village (ナムの村) is a desert village on Earth that is the birthplace of Nam. It is located south of Giran's Village and west of Fortuneteller Baba's Palace. Its address is SAM 275508 S.


It is a naturally barren region with very low annual rainfall, the environment is very harsh and the village's daily life is extraordinarily poor. However, while poor, the people aim to be self-sufficient, and they live close to one another.

As water is very scarce and the village has many droughts, Nam enters the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament in Age 750 in order to gain money to buy the water needed for crops. He loses in the tournament to Goku however, but Master Roshi gives him a capsule to store water for free to save the village.

The water is quickly used up and Goku helps Nam get more after the tournament. It is found out that the droughts are caused by Giran's race, the Giras, blocking the river with a dam made of Merry-Go-Round Gum. This dam is then destroyed when Goku blasts the dam with a Kamehameha, letting the water flow back into the previously dried-up river. However, after a sudden dust storm passes, the water is gone again. Therefore, Goku leads the villagers to a "roaming lake", a body of water that exists in the middle of the desert, helping to secure the future of Nam's village.

Notable residents