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The Namekian language as depicted in Dragon Ball

"Takkaraput pop porunga pupiritt paro!"
Future Dende, when summoning Porunga

The Namekian language (ナメック語 Namekku-go, lit. "Language of Namek") is a fictional language spoken by Namekians, individuals native to Planet Namek.


Though the Namekians are all able to speak the Common tongue when it is necessary to communicate with non-Namekians, they need to speak Namekian to have their wish granted by Porunga when they gather the Namekian Dragon Balls. Only "Piccolo" and "Porunga" have been defined in the Dragon Ball manga; other words appear as filler material in episodes of Dragon Ball Z. In Dragon Ball, Piccolo and Kami speak the Namekian language to each other during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament; although their actual words are translated, Namekian letters appear on the screen.

Later, in a filler episode, when Goku and Chi-Chi discover a large rock which is actually a map of how to make the Bansho Fan, the instructions are written in similar letters.


  • "Avishta" – never explained, although it may have some relation to 'hello', as Krillin says this during the Namek greeting gesture he makes to Raiti.
  • "Butla antu" – "bed", literally "sleepy time"
  • "Dablirobe" – never explained
  • "Dorigelop crafca" – ''fly to''
  • "Monocanco" – never explained
  • "Onska ropeca" – never explained, although it has some relation to 'turn around', as the phrase causes the Namek spaceship to turn while in flight.
  • "Piccolo" – "from another world" or "open"
  • "Porunga" – "dragon of dreams" or "dragon of law"
  • "Seata belta" – "toilet"
  • "Stando boomsca" – never explained, although it has some relation to 'fire', as the phrase activates the Namek spaceship's beam cannon.