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Nappa... the Invincible? is the eighteenth episode of the Saiyan Saga and the eighteenth overall episode of the Saban dub for the Dragon Ball Z series.


The episode begins showing Goku making good time on Snake Way, as he passes Princess Snake's palace.

Nappa Outclasses Tien

Tien fights Nappa

Meanwhile, on the battlefield Nappa is powering up. The Z Fighters had never experienced a power like his and they were blown away by the storm Nappa created. After Nappa is fully powered up, he attacks Tien Shinhan with a charge. The helpless Tien has his arm cut off. Krillin came running to Tien's defense, but Nappa fired the Blazing Storm attack, that barely missed Krillin. The Blazing Storm went straight into the ground like a bottomless pit. Then Krillin noticed that Chiaotzu had disappeared.


Chiaotzu self-destructs

Chiaotzu then appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Nappa’s back. In an effort to remove him, Nappa thrust Chiaotzu into rock formations before Chiaotzu explained to Tien what he was doing. Chiaotzu was planning to Self Destruct and in doing so, take Nappa with him. Tien yelled for Chiaotzu to stop but he did not, and blew himself up instead. Chiaotzu's sacrifice was noble but unfortunately, there was one problem: Nappa was alive and unharmed. Angered by the loss of his best friend, Tien started to battle Nappa with all his might. However Nappa dodged every kick or punch Tien could throw with three limbs. Piccolo then thought of a plan of attacking Nappa as Nappa attacked Tien. From the sidelines, Vegeta congratulates them on making a great plan of attack. Piccolo told Vegeta not to be so cocky as Vegeta would find his match in Goku. Meanwhile, in the one sided battle between Nappa and Tien, Nappa goes on the offensive, delivering a punch to Tien directly in the stomach. As Nappa was heading for the fatal blow, the threesome began their attack, which knocked Nappa out of the air towards Gohan. Unfortunately, Gohan “froze” and did not attack Nappa, who remained unscathed. In a last effort, Krillin and Piccolo fired Ki Blasts but Nappa dodged it. Piccolo was now furious at Gohan but there was no time to spare. Piccolo and Krillin decided to use their Tri-Form techniques and attacked Nappa together.

Major events

  • Chiaotzu self-destructs in a vain attempt to kill Nappa.


"Watch Gohan, i said watch! Don't turn away, honor his bravery"
— Piccolo (to Gohan while Chiaotzu is self-destructing)

"You don't seem as gung-ho as before"
— Nappa (to Tien)


  • In the original Saban dub, when Nappa punches Tien's arm off, Tien yells "You just wait 'till it grows back!". This may be an attempt by the censors at FUNimation and Saban to tone down the severity of his injury as Piccolo has been shown before to grow his limbs back. Tien, obviously, does not have this ability.


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Brief summaryGoku speeds past [[Princess Snake's paGoku speeds past Princess Snake's palace — the halfway point in his journey back along Snake Way. Back on Earth, Nappa begins his assault by knocking Chiaotzu back with an energy attack and chopping off Tien Shinhan's left hand. When Krillin tries to assist Tien, Nappa stops him in his tracks with a powerful explosion. Chiaotzu then grabs onto Nappa's back and self-destructs, but Nappa emerges unscathed, and Tien furiously attacks him. When Nappa moves in to finish Tien, Piccolo and Krillin attack Nappa and send him flying towards Gohan. Piccolo signals Gohan to launch an energy attack, but Gohan becomes terrified and takes cover. At Kame House, Master Roshi, Oolong and Bulma continue to observe the battle on television while Ox-King tends to his swooned daughter.tends to his swooned daughter.
English titleNappa... the Invincible? +
Episode number18 +

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