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Naraku (那拉克) is the leader of the Dark Namekians, and a villain in the computer game Dragon Ball Online. He is referred to as "The Black Namekian".



Naraka's name comes from "Naraka", the Sanskrit word for the underworld.

It is also possible that Naraka's name could come from the instrument "maraca", since Naraka is part of the Evil Namekians (which are a new version of King Piccolo's Demon Clan; who were all named after musical instruments).


Naraka was one of the Namekians born on Earth. Due to King Piccolo's influence in part of the Namekians' area of the planet, Naraka was born as a Namek of pure evil from the "Evil Egg", which was created by the evil in the Namekians' hearts. In Age 972, he led the Evil Namekian in a conflict on Earth.