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The narrator is the storyteller of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and Dragon Ball Super. He is mostly present in the intros and outros of episodes. He is rarely present in the main bulk of an episode or movie.

In some of the dubbed Dragon Ball media, there are various narrators, changing as the series progresses.

Voiced by

  • Japanese: Jōji Yanami, Naoki Tatsuta (Dragon Ball Super episodes 13 onwards)
  • BLT/Ocean Group dubs: Jim Conrad (Dragon Ball), Doc Harris (Dragon Ball Z)
  • FUNimation dub: Christopher Sabat (DB movies 2-3), Dale Kelly (DBZ seasons 3-6 [originally]), Brice Armstrong (Dragon Ball, movie 4), Kyle Hebert (DBZ Seasons 7-9, entire remastered release, most video games, movies), Andrew Chandler (DBGT), Doc Morgan (Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Super), John Swasey (DB movie 1)
  • Blue Water dub: Steve Olson
  • AB Group dub: Ed Marcus
  • Creative Products Corporation dub: Bob Karry
  • Latin American Spanish dub: Carlos Becerril (DB Episodes 1-60), José Lavat (DB remainder, DBZ, DBGT Episodes 1-9, DBZ Kai), Joaquín Martal (DBGT remainder)
  • Brazilian Portuguese dub: Jonas Mello (original Drago​n Ball 1996 dub), Daoiz Cabezudo (†) (most media until 2006), Pedro (Drag​on Ball GT, Dragon Ball 2002 redub episodes 61-153), Carlos Campanile (Dragon Ball 2006 redub; some episodes), Gilberto Rocha Jr. (Dragon Ball Z Kai 1.0), Marco Antônio Abreu (Dragon Ball Z Kai - The Final Chapters), Fernando Lizeda (Battle of ​Gods and Resurrection 'F')
  • Portuguese dub (Portugal): António Semedo (†) (most media), Paulo Espírito Santo (DBGT Special), Rui de Sá (Dragon Ball Super ownards)
  • Italian dubs: Michele Kalamera, Davide MarziMario Scarabelli
  • Castilian Spanish dub: Vicente Gil (DB episodes 1, 4-5, 8, 10-26), Juan Velilla (DB episode 2), José Félix Pons (DB episode 3), Xavier de Llorens (DB episodes 6 and 7), Matías Molina (DB episode 9), Jorge Garcia Tomé (DB episodes 27-153, DBZ, DBGT, all movies)
  • Serbian dub: Dragan Vujić (DB, DBZ Episodes 1-52)
  • Croatian dub: Kruno Belko (DB, DBZ; Note: DBGT did not air in Croatia)
  • Catalan dub: Enric Isasi-Isasmendi
  • Polish dub: Wojicech Paszkowski (Dragon Ball Z Movie 12)

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