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"It's all been downloaded into my memory banks. I know every move that you make."
— "Pan's Gambit"

Natt (ナット, Natto) is one of the members of General Rilldo's top mercenary force, the Sigma Force, alongside Nezi, Bizu and Ribet. They are called upon when Dr. Myuu demands "results".


Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

Main article: Black Star Dragon Ball Saga


Natt is defeated

When General Rilldo realizes Pan is in the base, he sends Natt to deal with her. The robot at first seems to be winning with ease, but then Pan figures out he can only predict moves she has done before. She combines some of her moves with Goku's, and then destroys the robot using her Maiden's Rage technique.

With his destruction, Natt cannot participate in the fusion to make the Super Mega Cannon Sigma.

Techniques and special abilities

7. Natt Rocket Launcher

Natt launches a rocket

  • Hikou – The ability to fly without the use of ki.
  • Liquefaction – The ability to liquefy and go through metal.
  • Super Explosive Wave – A wave of energy more powerful than the simple Explosive Wave. The four Sigma Force members use it in combination during their first encounter with Goku, Trunks, and Pan.
  • Arms Extension – The ability to elongate arms in order to perform an attack similar to the Rocket Punch.
  • Rocket Launcher – Natt has small rocket launchers in its chest cavity, as well as his arms.

Voice actors

  • Japanese: Shinchi Yamada


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