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Natz (ナッツ, Nattsu) is the result of Nappa and Raditz fusing through the Fusion Dance.


  • Double Sunday – A pink energy wave fired from both hands.
  • Flame Pillar – Natz powers up his energy and raises two fingers in the air to create a large explosion around him. 
  • Super Maximum Buster - Probably a combination of Raditz's Double Sunday and Nappa's Blazing Storm, in which Natz bursts a yellow energy wave that forms small explosions after the short burst. 
  • Natz also has an ultimate attack similar to Penetrate and Dragon Fist. He kicks the enemy away before condensing ki into his hand and flies at he opponent, an Oozaru image manifesting before he slams into and punches through them. This is his ultimate attack in Dragon Ball: Fusions. 

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