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"Never Give Up!!" Was the ending song for 「Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters」 (Composed by Mine-Chang.) (Sung by Junear)

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Get up and let's go

We were born to save the universe

Stand up and move on

Don't forget the words our fathers said

We are unbeatable

'cause we have families who love us!

We are unbreakable

'cause now we have a chain of hearts

We are always one.

Never give up on the dream you believe

Never give up on the days you conceive

Gotta be tough, gotta make it together

Don't you know I'll always stand by your side?

Better to try than to make no action

Better to cry than to fake your emotion

Gotta be us, gotta fight them together

Don't you know, you're the one who make my soul complete.