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"He's timid and gets nervous easily, but couldn't refuse his friend's invitation to the tournament. He excels at support moves."
Dragon Ball Fusions profile description

Ninny is a female Majin who appears in Dragon Ball Fusions.


Ninny is a female Majin who wears a top and gloves similar to those worn by Bulla, though with a different skirt with leggings and shoes.


"Uh, I... Erm... Nevermind! Forget I said anything!"
— Ninny talking to Tekka on the Spaceship in Dragon Ball Fusions

Ninny is timid and gets nervous easily, but couldn't refuse her friend's invitation to join the Timespace Tournament.


Little is known of Ninny's history but presumably like most fighters in the Timespace Tournament, she is from one of the many timelines connected to the Timespace Rift created by Tekka and Pinich's wish to Shenron.

What is know is that Ninny entered the Timespace Tournament after a friend invited her to participate.

After breaking the barrier around the Cell Games Arena in Area 3F of the Timespace Rift, Tekka's Team find Ninny standing near an Offworlder Martial Artist named Parl. By talking to Parl, they will learn that he wants to convince Ninny to team up with him, but he needs to impress her first by showing off his fighting skills, though he refuses to fight Tekka's team when they offer to fight him and instead asks them to find 3 not-so-strong fighters he can fight to impress Ninny. Goten suggests looking for Martial Artists in Satan City. This triggers Sub-Event: "Parl's Ambition" . In Satan City, Tekka's Team encounter their old acquaintances Binas, Eemai, and Kloa who they manage to convince to help. Returning to Parl, Kid Goku tells Parl that the three fighters he asked for will be there shortly. Binas, Eemai, and Kloa arrive ready to fight, however Parl refuses as they are too strong and tells Tekka's team to fight them in his place. After defeating the three in Parl's place, the three thank Tekka's Team for a good battle and leave. Parl then tries to ask Tekka's Team to find three other martial artists, but they are soon approached by Ninny. Impressed by the strength of Tekka's Team, Ninny asks to join their group, to the shock of Tekka and Parl. If Tekka refuses her request, Ninny will feel dejected while Parl will be happy, but Pan takes pity on Ninny and insists that Tekka reconsider (thus it is impossible to completely refuse Ninny's request to join). If Tekka agrees, Ninny is thrilled and hopes they will teach her a lot about fighting. Parl on the other hand will be displeased that his plan to team up with Ninny had backfired and runs off while Tekka's group are talking to Ninny and Kid Trunks tells Tekka that Parl has disappeared, thus completing the Sub-Event.

As a result, Ninny will join Tekka's Team and will appear in the team's Spaceship (where she can be selected as a playable character).


Listed as a B-Rank fighter in Dragon Ball Fusions, Ninny is a very powerful fighter who is likely more powerful than the members of the Ginyu Force despite her timid nature.

Techniques & Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly using ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy attack. In Dragon Ball Fusions, Ninny is classified as a Technique type, which causes her standard ki blast to take the form of an Energy Barrage. She is strong against Speed types, but weak against Power types.
  • Speed Boost - A Special Move that allows Ninny to increase the speed of a single ally.
  • Maiden Blast - A Ki Blast technique originally used by Pan which Ninny can use as one of her Special Moves.
  • Mimicry - A Special Move that allows Ninny to mimic one of an opponent's Special Moves.
  • Shooting Rain - A weaker version of Assault Rain which Ninny can learn as a Special Move after reaching Lv. 28.

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  • Despite being identified as female and her obviously feminine appearance, Ninny is mistakenly referred to as he and him in her character profile. However it should be noted that she is not the only character in Dragon Ball Fusions, who's profile description features the incorrect gender specific pronouns.

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