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"And that's where we stand, Great King Yemma. The other two Saiyans are on their way to Earth right now. For this reason, we humbly ask that you allow Goku to seek training from King Kai himself, with your permission of course. There is no hope for our planet if Goku doesn't receive King Kai's training."
Kami asking for permission from King Yemma to send Goku to King Kai's planet.

No Time Like the Present (エンマさまもビックリ あの世でファイト, Enma-sama mo Bikkuri - Ano Yo de Faito; lit. "Even Lord Enma is Surprised - The Fight in the Other World") is the sixth episode of the Raditz Saga and in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on June 7, 1989. Its original American air date was June 22, 2005.



The first appearance of King Yemma

Kami, having preserved Goku's body for resurrection, escorts the late hero into the presence of the gigantic King Yemma, the judge of Heaven and Hell. He chooses to train with the great King Kai, a being whose position is above even that of King Yemma, before being resurrected by the Dragon Balls.

King Yemma reveals that thousands of years ago, he too trained under this Kai, who is truly a powerful man. After receiving the King's permission, Goku is escorted to the head of the one-million-kilometer Snake Way, the route between King Yemma's palace and King Kai's realm.


Piccolo awakes Gohan

Meanwhile, after regenerating his arm, Piccolo takes the unconscious Gohan from the others and carries him away to an uninhabited area. Determining the extent of Gohan's dormant power by hurling him at a mountain, Piccolo tells him that he will draw this power out and train him, whether Gohan likes it or not.

Techniques used

  • Regeneration - Used by Piccolo to regenerate his arm lost while fighting Raditz.
  • Telekinesis - Used by Piccolo to take Gohan away from Master Roshi.
  • Hidden Potential - Used by Gohan as a reflex to destroy the large mountain and to save himself from crashing into it after being hurled by Piccolo.


  • In this episode, when they show the "Welcome" sign of the Check-In Station, it is shown that it is misspelled "Wellcome".
  • Snakeway is stated to be only 10,000 miles long in the Ocean and FUNimation Dub, however, in the Manga and Dragon Ball Z Kai it is stated to be 1 million kilometers or approximately 625,000 miles long. This would make far more sense, since travelling 10,000 miles would not take Goku very long at all, as he was able to travel to Papaya Island from Yahhoy within a day, for the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, which was on the other side of the world (see Rivals and Arrivals).
  • What Chi-Chi predicts would happen to Gohan in this episode would somewhat happen to him in the next episode: Chi-Chi fears Gohan will be left alone in an ocean by Master Roshi and will have to swim to an island from sharks, and after wanting food, will climb a tree, only to be bitten by a snake and have his brain poisoned, causing him to never be able to do math again. What truly happens is Piccolo leaves Gohan alone, and when looking for his coat, he climbs a large rock and finds a snake that does not bite him but instead leaves him alone.