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Northern Wastelands[1] is a location on Earth that is King Cold's spaceship landing site. It is located north of West City, and southwest of Mutaito's Training Grounds. It is also where Goku lands in a Ginyu Force Attack Ball, at point 18220 of 573, and where he finds the One-Star Dragon Ball during the Cell Games Saga.[1]


Goku DBZ Ep 173 002

The Dragon Ball in the desert

The Z Fighters regroup there in Age 764, after they sensed Frieza heading towards Earth, along with another high power level. When Frieza and King Cold land here, they are confronted by a mysterious youth, who easily destroys Frieza, King Cold, and King Cold's soldiers. A few hours later, Goku lands on the Northern Wastelands too, and Future Trunks tells him about the Red Ribbon Androids.

Video Game Appearances

Northern Wastelands was named in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. Enemies encountered here are the Tiger Bandit Gang and ladybugs, as well as a Ninja Clan and a Mercenary Clan later in the game. Northern Wastelands is also where Goku finds the One-Star Dragon Ball right before the Cell Games.


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