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Nova Strike (ノヴァストライク Novua Sutoraiku) is an energy shield attack used by Frieza in his 100% Full Power form.


Nova Strike into Goku

Frieza rams on Goku using the Nova Strike

First, Frieza charges up and surrounds his body in a purple sphere of energy. Then, he shouts "Don't move!" and charges at the opponent using the purple energy sphere as a shield, headbutting them and inflicting a massive amount of damage.

Frieza uses this attack in a Beam Struggle against Super Saiyan Goku's Super Kamehameha. Though Goku is able to hinder Frieza for a few minutes, Frieza eventually disengages from Goku's blast, flies around it, and strikes the Saiyan down into the ground from the side. It is later revealed that Goku survives and continues the battle with Frieza.

In the manga, as soon as Goku returns Frieza prepares another Nova Strike, however upon viewing Porunga appear, Frieza uses the Nova Strike to fly as fast as he can towards Porunga. After Porunga vanishes and Goku challenges Frieza to hand-to-hand combat on the ground, Frieza powers off his Nova Strike.

Appearance in Video Games

Dragon-ball-z-burst-limit-screens-20080318093750286 640w

Frieza uses his Death Crasher in Burst Limit

Nova Strike was named in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, where it appears as one of Frieza's Blast 2 attacks in his full power form. It also appears in the Butōden series, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road (named Death Crasher), Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, and the Raging Blast series. In Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, Frieza uses the Nova Strike as part of the Cracker Formation, his team attack with Captain Ginyu. In Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension, it is Frieza's desperation attack.

In Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, it is called Death Crasher and is one of Frieza's super skills. It can also be learned by the Future Warrior by taking Frieza on as a Master and completing Frieza's first training mission. The skill is a chargeable super skill, the longer the charge the further the user travels.

In Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden, it appears under the name Death Strike and is Final Form Frieza's Final Ultimate Combo.

"Performs a charging attack at the opponent. Holding the button down will increase the charge distance. When used at maximum, Ki Blasts will be ignored while moving."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Tutorial description

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it returns under the name Death Crasher and is one of Frieza and Cooler's Super Skills. It can be obtained by the Future Warrior by completing School Quest: Lesson 1 of Frieza's Training. When fully charged it allows the user to ignore Ki Blast moves while charging forward. After the 1.09.00 Update, it can be added to Dodoria's custom skillset after purchasing it for 5 TP Medals in Partner Customization.[6]


  • Pikkon used a similar attack in a Beam Struggle against Super Saiyan Goku in the episode "Goku vs. Pikkon", but with a blue sphere of energy around his body.
  • Nova Strike shares the same name with the Ultimate Armor's Giga Attack in the Mega Man X series. Both have the same style of attack.