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Old Buu Emerges (サタンをいじめるな!!元祖ブウ復活 Satan o Ijimeru na!! Ganso Bū Fukkatsu) is the seventh episode of the Kid Buu Saga and the two hundred eighty-second overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on November 8, 1995. Its original American air date was March 24, 2003.


Old Buu Emerges - Vegeta endures

Vegeta endures Kid Buu's assault

Kid Buu continues to choke Vegeta and smash him through many rocks. Meanwhile, in the physical plane, Kibito Kai and Dende plan to try and help Goku, but Old Kai says that their help is useless against Kid Buu's superior strength, and it would just be one more thing for Goku to worry about.

As Kid Buu is about to finish Vegeta off, Mr. Satan arises, thinking that this is all just a dream, and tries to fight Kid Buu. Kid Buu ignores Vegeta to kill Mr. Satan, but he manages to stay alive by dodging his attacks, because the fat Majin Buu, is secretly stopping Kid Buu from within him. Goku is unable to figure out why Kid Buu cannot finish Mr. Satan off, but just then Kid Buu releases the fat and good Majin Buu from his body and spits him out.

Kid Buu, now relieved of any kindness, gets ready to kill Mr. Satan. Majin Buu, however, steps in to save Mr. Satan. Vegeta then advises Goku to use this time to power up but when Goku tries to do so he starts to lose energy and reverts to his base form.


  • Vegeta vs. Kid Buu
  • Mr. Satan vs. Kid Buu
  • Good Buu vs. Kid Buu



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