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One More Wish (新しい日々...父さん!ボクがんばる, Atarashii Hibi... Tosan! Boku Ganbaru) is the twenty-eighth episode of the Cell Games Saga and the one hundred ninety-third overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. The episode first aired on July 14, 1993. Its original American air date was December 28, 2000.


Trunks saying goodbye

Future Trunks leaves to return to his own timeline

After Goku reveals that he does not want to be wished back, Krillin asks Shenron to turn Androids 17 and 18 into humans. Shenron denies the wish, saying it is beyond his power. Krillin then wishes for the bombs in the Androids to be shut down. Shenron grants the wish. After being questioned about the wish, Krillin reveals that he has a crush on Android 18. Yamcha then asks why he wished Android 17's bomb to be removed, to which Krillin states that 17 and 18 make a good couple.


Gohan and Ox-King travel to a waterfall

Android 18, who had been spying on the Z Fighters, reveals herself and declares that she and 17 are not a couple and that the two are twins. Yamcha starts to mock Krillin about his mistake while Krillin asks Android 18 to join them. 18 declines and leaves Kami's Lookout after thanking Krillin for his compassion. After she leaves, the Z Fighters start to celebrate. Future Trunks announces that he needs to leave, so Krillin, Gohan, and Yamcha leave the Lookout with Trunks. After passing Korin and Yajirobe in Korin's Tower, Yamcha and Trunks part with Gohan and Krillin and begin to fly back to Capsule Corporation. Gohan and Krillin travel back to Gohan's house and when they arrive, Gohan tells Chi-Chi about his father's death and how he did not want to come back. Chi-Chi is devastated by the news and cries for hours, while the Ox-King tries to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Yamcha tells Trunks about how Vegeta completely lost it after watching him die and ferociously attacked Cell, and for the first time, Trunks feels proud of his father.

Dbz 188

Gregory, Bubbles, Goku and King Kai on the Snake Way

Future Trunks leaves to return to his own timeline. Life returns to normal and at one point, while Chi-Chi is preparing dinner, Ox-King and Gohan travel to a waterfall. At West City, Bulma begins teaching baby Trunks to walk. ZTV station is then shown with Mr. Satan as a special guest; he is going to break 20 blocks in one blow, but only manages to break 19. Master Roshi and Oolong say how much of a fake he is. At Snake Way, King Kai is talking to Goku about Mr. Satan taking all the credit. King Kai then asks Goku to help him build a new house.

Major Events

  • The Android Bombs in Android 17 and Android 18 are removed by Shenron, at Krillin's request.


"And that's the whole story, mom."
— Gohan, telling his mother on how Goku died and how the elder Saiyan refused to come back to Earth

"So, he didn't want to come back? What an amazing man he is."
— Ox-King about Goku

"Don't be sad, this is the way he wanted to be. Besides, I can feel him mom. He's there."
— Gohan, comforting his mother

"Chi-Chi, Gohan's right, honey. Since Goku chose to stay there, I'm fine about it. Goku's always known what's best for everybody. Always"
— Ox-King


  • This is the last episode where Bulma's hair is shoulder length and the final episode where Gohan is an only child. In the Buu Saga, he gains a younger brother, Goten.
  • This is the last episode in the FUNimation dub where Stephanie Nadolny regularly voices Gohan. For the Great Saiyaman Saga onward, she is replaced by Kyle Hebert who voices Gohan for the remainder of the series.


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