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Orange Star High School (オレンジスターハイスクール Orenji Sutā Hai Sukūru), also called Herculopolis High in the English dub, is a high school located in Satan City in which Gohan went to when he turned 17 (he is physically 18 due to training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and so placed with others technically born a year before, but he is their age nevertheless), when Chi-Chi decided that home-schooling was no longer an effective form of education for him. At the school, Gohan is told by Chi-Chi not to show off his super strength and power, but ends up showing some of it in P.E. by mistake.



Students in front of Orange Star High School

The school is known as Orange Star High School because Satan City, in which it is located, was originally called Orange Star City but was later changed to Satan City as an honor towards Mr. Satan whom the world falsely believed had saved them from Cell. For some reason the school retained the former name rather than taking on the new name, possibly to commemorate the former name. The school building itself has four stories and a roof access. It is seen frequently during the Great Saiyaman Saga when Gohan acts as the Great Saiyaman.

After the Buu saga, Gohan returns to school despite the fact that everyone found out that Gohan is both the Great Saiyaman and the Gold Fighter.

Satan City Primary School is seen in Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy, and it can be assumed this is the facility that leads up to Orange Star High School.

Staff and students

Notable students


Orange Star High School students

Known faculty

  • Director (教師)
  • Miss Hamilton, English teacher (英語の先生)
  • Gym teacher (体育教師)
  • Science teacher (化学の先生)
  • Philosophy teacher

Video games

DBZ Buu's Fury 8

Gohan at Orange Star High School in Buu's Fury

Orange Star High School appears in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, as Gohan attends the school. There, he meets Videl, Sharpner, and Erasa. In the school, Gohan is able to do side-quests for the various students.


  • The high school's name, "Orange Star", comes from the original name of Satan City, Orange Star City. Interestingly, even though the city was renamed in Mr. Satan's honor following Cell's defeat, the high school was not.
  • The name "Orange Star" is a reference to the mythical Dragon Balls, which are orange and have a certain number of stars on them, hence the name "Orange Star."
  • Despite being called Orange Star High School, the star is actually white on the building (but the background is orange).
  • In both the manga and anime, it's been stated by Erasa that 439 East District (Gohan's former address) is over 1000 kilometers (1,000,000 meters, or 621.371 miles) away from Orange Star High School. At one point, Gohan stated that (in his base form) it would take him 20 minutes to fly from his house to the roof of the high school. If so, he would need to travel at least Mach 2.44889, or about 3000 kilometers per hour (1864.113 mph) to cover that distance. Meanwhile, it's been stated it would take a jet 5 hours (or 18000 seconds) to travel that same distance, meaning that said jet would only be traveling at 200 km/h (or 124.274 mph).


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