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Outsider Shot (アウトサイダーショット) is a team attack used by Piccolo and Vegeta in the Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2.


First, Vegeta and Piccolo launch a barrage of ki blasts from below the opponent. After the huge amount of blasts, the opponent is gravely stunned, then Vegeta and Piccolo appear next to the opponent with both firing one final devastating blow (Big Bang Attack and Explosive Demon Wave respectively).

Outsider Shot 5

Cooler is blasted to smithereens by Piccolo and Vegeta's blasts

It is first used in Piccolo's story in Supersonic Warriors 2 when Piccolo, Vegeta, and Gohan are fighting against Perfect Cell on New Namek. After injuring Cell in the battle, Piccolo says: "Okay, NOW! While he's open! Everyone attack at the same time!", with Vegeta replying: "Don't order me around! HAAAAAAAA!" To Cell's surprise, the team combo is more powerful than he thought, and that thought is crushed along with the rest of him. Together, Piccolo and Vegeta defeat Cell's perfect form, thus making Namek peaceful once more.