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Debut "Take Flight, Videl"
Appears in
Z Ball
Race Unknown
Gender Male
  • South Kai (mentor)
  • Caterpy (comrade)
  • Froug (comrade)
  • Torbie (comrade)
  • Papoi (パポイ) is the best student of South Kai. He is mentioned by South Kai in the Dragon Ball manga, and makes an appearance in the Dragon Ball Z episode "Take Flight, Videl".


    According to South Kai, Papoi gave his life to save his home planet from "something real nasty", which North Kai sarcastically mused to be nothing more than boredom.

    North Kai and South Kai start to debate who is stronger. While Goku is training in the background with two-ton weights on each of his arms and legs, South Kai claims that Papoi could mop the floor with Goku.

    Both Kais get competitive, so North Kai tells South Kai to increase each weight on Goku to ten tons per weight. At first, Goku can barely move, but then he turns Super Saiyan and starts moving around very quickly. South Kai's jaw hits the ground, and he quickly says that the scared Papoi should not waste his time fighting Goku, making up an excuse that the tournament will be too much of a low-level competition for Papoi (in the dub, he claims Papoi has a dinner date).


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