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Paradise Grass (極楽草 Gokuraku Sou) is an herb found only in the Forest of Terror. It apparently can increase a person's lifespan as, after eating some of it, Master Roshi claims he can live on for another 1,000 years.


Master Roshi sends Goku and Krillin to retrieve the herb, coercing them by saying he will teach them a secret skill to instantly boost their energy (however this was a lie meant to motivate them). When the two enter the Forest of Terror, they become victims of the forest's ways by fighting illusions of many of their past opponents. Upon defeating them and the illusion of Super Shenron (created by Fortuneteller Baba, who Master Roshi asked to participate), many herbs of the Paradise Grass soon grow, and Goku and Krillin pick them to deliver to Master Roshi.


  • It is implied during the episode that the Grass is the source for Roshi's apparent superhuman longevity, as he'd been alive for three hundred years during the early chapters of Dragon Ball.