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Paragus: Xeno (パラガス :ゼノ Paragasu: Zeno) is an incarnation of Paragus from a world separate to the main timeline who is a member of the Dark Empire.


Paragus is shown to be wearing a black Battle Armor, with green under the chest component. He wears a black undershirt, a red cape, and red gloves. Noticeably, his eyes are now bloodshot and he wears a variant of the Time Breaker mind control mask shaped as his eye patch.



Dragon Ball Heroes

Dark Empire Saga

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Broly Dark Saga
Screenshot 2017-11-21-13-33-09

Paragus trying to control Broly

In the game, he is seen giving Broly Dark more energy along with Towa in order for him to defeat the Time Patrol, with Beat and Trunks: Xeno already down. However, this quickly goes wrong, as Broly breaks free of the mind control and attacks Towa.


Thanks to the Time Breaker power up, alongside Demon God Towa Paragus: Xeno is able to face off with Broly Dark - though the two are completely overwhelmed in their attempts to take control over him. Paragus: Xeno is knocked away by Broly Dark.

Paragus: Xeno is helpless against King Vegeta: Xeno and is easily beaten, even with a sneak attack where he stabs the dark king, King Vegeta: Xeno simply shrugs it off and obliterates Paragus: Xeno.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Dark Dead Punisher - Paragus: Xeno charges a purple energy sphere in his left hand, and fires it at his opponent.

Forms and Transformations

Paragus: Xeno


Paragus: Xeno card for Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Paragus: Xeno (パラガス:ゼノ Paragasu:Zeno) is the form that Paragus takes on after being brainwashed[2] into joining the Dark Empire, he is powered up compared to his base form, wears a Time Breaker eye-patch over one eye and possess a red and black eye. In this form he is shown to be capable of surviving a battle with Broly Dark, and damaging King Vegeta: Xeno with a sneak attack.

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