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Paul Bandey is a French-based British actor who appeared in the AB Group's dub of the Dragon Ball franchise.


Bandey was born in London, although he has lived in Paris, France for many years. He has had minor roles in several major movies filmed in France, and also works regularly as a voice-over artist. Notable works include The Illusionist (2010), Hitman (2007) and Les visiteurs (1993)

Dragon Ball Z roles

He is known for voicing a large number of characters in AB Group's dub of the Dragon Ball Z movies. His roles include:


  • On YouTube, he has often been nicknamed by fans as the "Old Bastard." This nickname stems from the fact that his actual name was unknown for several years, he voiced several characters poorly, and he sounded quite old. Most of the roles that he was originally thought to have voiced were actually voiced by Ed Marcus, and fans have joked that there were two Old Bastards involved.

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