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Peasuke Soramame (空豆ピースケ) is Taro Soramame's little brother who always wears an animal hat. Peasuke is short like Arale Norimaki and maintains being the same height even while he is old. He is initially 13 years old at the beginning of Dr. Slump, but is 19 years old in his appearance in Dragon Ball.


Dr. Slump


Peasuke and Arale flying using jetpacks (Akira Toriyama - The World)

Peasuke Soramame is always criticized by Taro when he wears the hat around them because it "cramps his style." Peasuke wishes to be like Taro when he gets older. He has a crush on a younger but taller girl named Hiyoko, whom he marries sometime in the future and has a child named Poosuke.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Manga Kurikinton

Peasuke yelling at his dad in "Dragon Ball"

In the manga, Peasuke is seen leaving Penguin Village High School with everybody else for their vacation. In the anime, Peasuke is shown having a drink at the coffee pot and tells Akane that he will be doing homework over the school vacation.

Dragon Ball Super


Peasuke's design in Dragon Ball Super

Other Media

Dr. Slump remake


Peasuke in the Dr. Slump remake

In the 1997 remake of Dr. Slump, the only change to Peasuke's appearance is that his animal hat is gray instead of being white.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission


Taro, Peasuke, and Akane in Victory Mission

Taro Soramame, Peasuke Soramame, and Akane Kimidori make a cameo in the sixth chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, in their 1997 remake appearance. They are at Satan Mall, in the Heroes Stadium, during the Dragon Ball Heroes tournament final match between Beat and Froze.

Live-action commercial

Live action Akane Peasuke Taro

Live-action version of Akane, Peasuke and Taro

Kengo Kora plays Peasuke in a live-action Dr. Slump themed commercial for GU clothing store. In the commercial he is standing next to Akane and Taro in front of the Coffee Pot watching Arale transform into an outfit from the store.

Video game appearances

Voice actors

  • Japanese Dub: Naomi Jinbo (1980's series), Megumi Urawa (1997 series)


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