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Perfection's End! A Fury Beyond Super Saiyan! (完全体崩壊! これが怒りの超鉄拳 Kanzentai Houkai! Kore ga Ikari no Chou-Tekken, lit. "The Perfect Form Breaks Down! This is the Super Iron Fist of Rage") is the ninety-fourth episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. Its Japanese air date was February 20, 2011. Its American air date was December 21, 2011.



Gohan delivers a devastating blow to Cell

Cell finally unleashes his full power against Gohan, but, even at full power, his attacks have no effect on the Super Saiyan 2. After being easily bested in battle, Cell attempts to destroy Gohan and the Earth with a giant Kamehameha, but Gohan produces an even larger beam and deflects the attack with ease. As the rest of the Z Fighters predict an easy victory, Goku recalls that even in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan displayed strength far beyond that of a normal Super Saiyan for a split second. He then tells Gohan to deliver the finishing blow to Cell, but Gohan insists that Cell must suffer first. Cell then utilizes his power weighted form, but the increase in muscle mass lowers his speed greatly and as a result none of his attacks touch Gohan. Gohan counters Cell's rush attack with a single blow to the stomach, causing Cell to regurgitate Android 18 and revert to his Semi-Perfect form. As the Z Fighters assume that this means victory for Gohan, Cell's body begins to expand greatly.


  • When Gohan knocks Cell down, the blood on Cell's face is light green. For the rest of the fight, Cell's blood is purple.

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