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Petrona is a female Majin who appears in Dragon Ball Fusions. She is a member of the Majin Superstar Troupe PePiLu along with Pipila and Lullus.



"I'm the slightly clumsy, innocent young tomboy, Petrona!"
— Petrona introducing herself in Dragon Ball Fusions

She has been described as slightly clumsy, innocent, and tomboyish. She is very honest and aware she has these traits as she mentions them when introducing her to Tekka's Team. Like Lullus she is very protective of Pipila.


Petrona is a member of Demon Realm pop idol Pipila's dancing trope PePiLu which ends up getting sucked into the Timespace Rift. They end up participating in the Timespace Tournament with Pipila and Lullus. However, after dealing with several of Pipila's unwanted admirers, Petrona and Lullus who double as bodyguards for Pipila to be on edge. When Lullus suspects Kid Trunks of eyeing Pipila lecherously, Petrona suspects that Tekka's Team may be another group like the ones they had to deal with previously, though Tekka's Team pleads innocence leading to an argument and fight between PePiLu and Tekka's Team. After defeating all three at the same time, Pan calms them down and explain everything and Kid Trunks reveals they don't even know who they are (due to Demon Realm normally being cut off from the rest of the Universe) causing PePiLu to dramatically introduce themselves.