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"Like the skill Afterimage, avoid attacks with good timing to recover your stamina slightly."
Dragon Ball: Xenoverse in-game description

Phantom Fist is a variation of the Afterimage Technique used by Mira in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse.


When preforming the technique faint purple energy swirls around the users body and if the user is attacked the opponent will discover they where attacking an afterimage and the user will reappear in another location with their arms crossed. If successful the user will regain some stamina.

Appearances in games

Phantom Fist was named and first appeared in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse as one of Mira's Super Skills in his 4th skillset as part of the GT Pack 2 DLC. It can also be obtained by the Future Warrior by purchasing it from the Skill Shop in Toki Toki City's Industrial Sector.


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