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"We all had homes before the tidal wave hit. If you really want to give us nice things, that's fine. Just bring 'em over here."
— Pigero in "Plight of the Children"

Pigero was an orphan Gohan met with in the episode "Plight of the Children" ("Escape from Piccolo" in the edited dub).


Pigero is an orphan who meets Gohan, who escaped from Piccolo's training. He used to take care of a small group of orphans and protect them from social workers who would try to put them in an orphanage. He lived with orphans such as Chico, Rom, Ena, Jinku, Yordon, and Hacchi. He is the oldest one there, and is fairly strong.

Pigero vs. Goon squad

Pigero attacks a social worker

Pigero fights off the police and orphanage people who come to take the kids. All the orphans are later captured, and he decides it best that they be taken to an orphanage, then proceeds to leave them to live a new life. After a chance run in with Gohan, Pigero decided that the orphans would be better off having the chance to be adopted into a family and left his chosen duty. An orphan himself, Pigero has seen some rough times out on his own.

Voice actors


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